A Cleaner Environment

Once installed, your solar system generates electricity from the sun. Zero burning of fossil fuel. Zero emission of carbon. It’s a clean process; and you are making our world a cleaner, better place.

Free Electricity For A Lifetime

Your solar system uses the sun at no costs. By using solar energy, you are not just reducing your reliance on the national grid but also protecting yourself against increases in energy costs.

Highly Durable With Little-To-No Maintenance

With no moving parts, solar panel systems are not easily damaged. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely you experience a power cut or fault with your system. A scheduled once-a-year maintenance will take care of any potential threat, if required.


Save & Earn Money

Solar panel PV systems produce free energy in daylight hours you won’t need to pay for. You can also leverage our battery technology to power your home when the sun goes down. It’s free energy 24/7 and you save money in the process. Grid trading is also available so you can benefit through the sale of any excess energy sent back to the grid.