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If you don’t have an adequate south facing roof but a great south facing wall, this is a great solution for you. There are a number of other benefits included as well: At REST, we are committed to helping everyone get on board with the solar revolution, even those who cannot have solar panels mounted on their roof due to local restrictions, roof types, or because they live in a listed building. There are loads of options out there, from Wall Mounted Solar Panels to an entirely separate canopy to support the Solar PV system..

More Energy Can Be Captured

When designing your wall mounted solar panel system, our team will locate the wall that is best suited to help generate the maximum amount of power. This will give you the most sun light to utilise throughout the day, helping you reduce your energy bills even further than you would on a north facing roof for example.


Low On Roof Space?

Wall mounted panels can be included as part of the system or a stand-alone design. For those who are consuming more power than your roof allows for, as an addition our team can make use of your wall space instead. This means you can add more panels to a system, helping cover the home energy usage to its fullest.

More For Your Money

As mentioned wall mounted solar panels will be placed in the most ideal location on your home. This means you can generate more power, therefor making a quicker return on your investment. This also aids in the reduction of panels needed in order to make the necessary savings, reducing the overall cost of