Boost your homes energy performance

Investing in renewable energy was a great idea, you benefit from savings on your energy bill and help towards reducing your carbon footprint. Though, as with most technology, especially solar, advancements mean that there is now a way to generate more power which in turn helps increase savings from your system.
With a low performing system, you could be losing out on quite a bit of money. Not only will upgrades improve electricity consumption, with such products as our Boiler Booster, you can also benefit from gas savings by up to 15%.
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Upgrade Your Solar Performance

Our Volt Booster is installed between the electricity meter and the main consumer unit. It steps down incoming voltage of the PV system by approximately 18V to reduce power consumption of electrical appliances and save on electricity bills. This can also help to extend the life-span of electrical appliances.

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Upgrade You Water Tank Performance

The two parts of the Hot Water Booster system talk to each other wirelessly. There is a Sender that measures how much is being exported which transmits information to the actual Hot Water Booster itself and this responds by releasing the free energy available to heat up water in your tank.

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Upgrade Your Boiler Performance

The Boiler Booster is designed to reduce the cost of running a domestic central heating system. Providing a self-learning controller that regulates the firing cycle of the boiler to match demand without any user intervention. It is self-adaptive, requires no commissioning, is simple to install and automatically responds to any seasonal adjustments made to the heating system by the user

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Upgrade Your Heating Performance

A smart thermostat is a device that manages your heating and can be controlled by your phone, tablet or computer. It shows you how much energy you’re using, monitors your use and also learns your routine, which means it’ll start to turn on when you usually put the heating on.

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