Wall Mounted Solar Panels and more

Not everyone has space on their roof for solar panels, so what are the options?

Not every home is suitable for roof mounted solar panels.
But why should that mean you miss out on all the benefits?


At REST, we are committed to helping everyone get on board with the solar revolution, even those who cannot have solar panels mounted on their roof due to local restrictions, roof types, or because they live in a listed building.

There are loads of options out there, from Wall Mounted Solar Panels to a separate canopy entirely to support the Solar PV system.

Wall Mounted Solar Panels and Solar Awnings

If you don’t have a good south facing roof but a great south facing wall, this is a great solution for you. There are a number of other benefits included too:

More energy can be captured

As the solar panel is now mounted on the wall, it can absorb sunlight reflected off of the wall.

Shade for the building

A wall mounted system creates a substantial amount of shade on a south facing wall, meaning lower heat gain, reducing costs such as air conditioning and maintenance.

Cooler operation

There is often a lot more space around the panels, meaning that your system can run far cooler.

Solar Canopies and Solar Patio Covers

Solar canopies and patio covers are a great solution if you cannot attach anything to your home or building, as well as being a great dual purpose use of your outside area. By doubling up your patio cover as a solar pv system, you can really enjoy your property whilst getting the satisfaction of knowing you’re generating free electricity.