Volt Booster

Voltage Optimisation is a term used around voltage management when a desire to reduce energy consumption is managed by adjusting and controlling voltage levels.

Voltage optimisation is a transformer based technology, the principal is based around supplying a voltage level more suitable to the actual electrical device in order for it to perform its task more efficiently.

Boiler Booster

The Boiler Booster fitted to your central heating system will make sure your boiler works as efficiently as possible. ... It does this by monitoring and controlling the temperature of the water flowing to the radiators and the temperature of the water when it returns to the boiler.

Hot Water Booster

The two parts of the Hot Water Booster system talk to each other wirelessly. There is a Sender that measures how much is being exported which transmits information to the actual Hot Water Booster itself and this responds by releasing the free energy available to heat up water in your tank.


Energy & Gas Saving Central Heating Additive

RadREST is a unique, energy & gas saving central heating additive independently proven to save 15% on heating bills.

Panel Optimisers


Module Level optimisation for increased energy yield and greater design flexibility


Enhances Safety for NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliance


Module-level monitoring for energy production tracking and system management

Bird Barrier

Everything you need to keep pigeons and other pest birds out from under solar panels on pitched roofs.
100% effective when properly installed, better than using spikes, chicken mesh or repellent gels. Does not pierce roof or solar panel, no leaks no warranty issues with panels. Fast and easy to install, no gluing or drilling necessary.

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Make Extra Savings With Smart Add-ons

Investing in renewable energy was a great idea, you benefit from savings on your energy bill and help towards reducing your carbon footprint. That said, as with most technology, especially solar, advancements mean there are additional ways to generate more power which in turn helps increase savings from your system.

With a low performing system, you could be losing out on quite a bit of money. Not only will upgrades improve electricity consumption, with such products as our Boiler Booster, you can also benefit from gas savings by up to 15%.

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