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Integrated Roof PV

Tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in simulated hurricane conditions the system provides weather protection even greater than the traditional materials it replaces. MCS accredited the system meets the requirements for the forthcoming SEG payments. The system also has internal drainage channels designed primarily to remove any condensation but also provide an excellent back up to the weatherproof EPDM gasketing used to seal the panels. This system can be used for straightforward recessed in-roof arrays, full width roof systems or the more complex designs.


The simplicity of the system provides a secure and straightforward PV array to replace the tiles for that area of the roof. The roof simply needs battening ready for tiling at which point the array can be added before the tiles are installed. This quick to install system seals the roof and therefore saves the cost at the tiles it replaces. This approach means it can be sold by the developer as an added value upgrade to their customer when selling of plans.

3D Models

We create a 3D model of your development from the plans that you provide us, ensuring everything is exactly to scale. We do this so we can guarantee that we can install the amount of panels we say we can and so that you can see where the panels will fit and how they will look, as well as being compliant with MCS satisfying your SAP requirements.

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