Solar Panel Installation in Portsmouth

During the lockdown months, a record amount of clean energy was produced using solar panels in Portsmouth. During this year’s spring, the council having roughly 26,000 solar panels harnessed enough electricity to power 350 homes for an entire year – a 14% increase in comparison to spring of 2019. The solar panel installations in Portsmouth were carried out for offices, schools, housing sites, and community centres, and came as the Met Office confirmed the months of March and May were the sunniest since 1929. They helped reduce the energy overheads of the council while dealing with climate change and offering much-needed employment within the low-carbon sector.

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Similarly, the commitment of REST – one of the best solar panel companies in Portsmouth –towards this technology remains strong, which is evident from our efforts of delivering storage and solar in the coming years. While it’s undoubtedly good news to witness such a big amount of solar produced, we shouldn’t lose sight that the phenomena driving this, like high temperature and low rainfall, may themselves be down to climate changes made by humans. As we come out of the COVID crisis, REST promises to prioritise a green recovery to ensure our planet is fit for generations of the future.
REST is one of the leading solar panel installers with years of experience in the renewable energy industry of the UK. We perform solar panel installations for our clients, emphasising particularly on top-notch installations and great customer service. If you’re interested in installing solar panels on your home/business in Portsmouth, please get in touch with us today.
Installing solar panels is an excellent investment for home and business owners in Portsmouth and assists in:

  • Reducing your electricity bills,
  • Protecting you and your family/business from future energy price rises, and
  • Producing solar electricity that you can use in your home

With our years of experience in the solar panel industry, we understand how to install and design the highest quality systems that will be performing well on your roof for generations to come.

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Residential Solar

Panel System

As a full service residential solar panels provider in Portsmouth, REST offers expert analysis on how to get the most out of your clean energy investment. We’ll design and install the best residential solar panel systems to meet the individual needs of every customer, maximising value, guiding them on solar incentive programs and rebates available for their solar panel system. As part of the services offered in Portsmouth, REST also helps complete the required paperwork related to the residential solar panel installation.

Commercial Solar

Panel System

As one of the services offered in Portmouth, REST provides the smartest commercial solar panels in Portsmouth, tailored to your individual needs. With years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we can answer questions and assist in simplifying the process of going solar with the best commercial solar panel installation – for schools, businesses, and public organisations alike.

Air Source

Heat Pumps

REST is one of the leading providers of the best air source heat pumps in Portsmouth. We’re a high technology, an innovative company with our own air source heat pump installation, grant, and after-service team. Besides standard products, we also research and develop a huge range of tailored products to meet varying customer requirements. You may be eligible for a government air source heat pump grant. Why not find out more? We hope the air source heat pumps assist in establishing a green, energy-saving, and comfortable lifestyle for you and us! REST provides them as one of our services in Portsmouth.

Solar Battery

Storage Installation

Increasing your savings and manage your energy use by letting us perform a solar battery storage installation (in Portsmouth as part of your complete solar solution from REST. Our services in Portsmouth include storage and solar battery charger works independently – or with commercial solar – to maximise your savings by further reducing your energy costs.

Spray Foam


Does your home have difficulty staying warm or cool? Do your energy bills never decrease, in spite of having a perfectly functional air conditioner or heater? The real culprit might be the lack of insulation in your property. Without a layer of insulation that protects your walls, you’re losing comfort, energy, and money. That’s where we – insulation experts in Portsmouth – come in. Our injection foam offers tremendous benefits by creating a solid barrier between your home and the outside environment – a barrier that isn’t just extremely efficient but packed with a ton of other benefits. If you have more questions about our spray foam insulation cost, or on home and commercial insulation, look us up!

Electric Vehicle


REST offers EV charger installations, supporting the increasing EV market with their EV charging points in the UK, consistently earning top consumer scores. REST allows you to charge your car at home. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to plug in, start charging, and take the next few minutes to relax, shop, or eat.

About Rest UK

REST is a leading independent renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom. Specialising in various technologies, Rest aims to revolutionise the renewable energy industry by providing affordable and accessible low carbon energy for all.

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