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If you’re a homeowner who is looking to earn a second income or reduce your energy bills by producing your own electricity, solar photovoltaic (or PV) systems are for you. These systems convert the energy of the sun into power using PV cells. Conventionally, a lot of homeowners have chosen not to install solar PV for their home because the typical British weather means direct sunlight is not always a daily occurrence. However, solar PV cells are efficient and don’t need direct sunlight; even on the cloudiest of days, they can convert sunlight.

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At REST – one of the leading solar panel companies in Nationwide, our fully-accredited engineers are adept at installing and specifying solar PV systems for homes across Nationwide. With substantial experience in servicing and maintaining domestic solar panels in Nationwide, our aim is to lessen the energy costs of your property by a good margin, while providing unrivalled levels of installation, design, and after-care service. Our project managers can work with you in collaboration to design a customised solar PV system for your home, which our reliable engineers will install.
Based in the UK and working throughout the country, REST offers the specialist consultation you require on various types of renewable energy systems. Our approved solar photovoltaic installers have been working in the UK renewable energy industry for years. We offer professional consultancy, installation, and design services for a number of customers, including commercial/community projects and small domestic installations. For several clients, we installed and designed the best systems we could while providing great value for money. If you’ve been wondering about fitting a solar PV system, contact us to see how we can help you today.
REST is the people to rely on for both high-quality service and advice. Customer care is the focus of our company, so we take every necessary step to meet the requirements of our clients.
Remember, solar PV can assist in reducing the overall impact of your home on the wider environment. A property with a fully-operating solar PV system is far less reliant on the UK grid network, keeping your home running 24/7 while safeguarding you from the threat of rising energy costs. As solar PV generates renewable energy, it doesn’t emit harmful pollution into the atmosphere. It is a technology that is addressing climate change by using natural resources.


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Residential Solar

Panel System

As a full service residential solar panels Nationwide installer, REST will offer expert analysis on how to get the most out of your solar investment. We’ll design and install the best residential solar panel systems to meet the individual needs of every customer while maximising value, guiding you through the solar incentive programs and rebates available for your system, and completing every required paperwork related to the residential solar panel installation.

Commercial Solar

Panel System

By partnering with REST, you’ll get the smartest commercial solar panels solution in Nationwide, tailored to your individual needs. With years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we are able to answer questions and assist in simplifying the process of going solar through the best commercial solar panel installation – for schools, businesses, and public organisations alike.

Air Source

Heat Pumps

REST is one of the leading providers of the best air source heat pump in Nationwide. We’re a high technology, an innovative enterprise with our own air source heat pump installation, grant, and after-service team. Plus, besides standard products, we also research and develop a huge range of tailored products to meet varying requests of our customers. We hope our heat pumps assists in establishing a green, energy-saving, and comfortable lifestyle for you and us!

Solar Battery

Storage Installation

Increasing your savings and manage your energy use by letting us perform a solar battery storage installation in Nationwide as part of your complete solar solution from REST. Our storage and solar battery charger works independently – or with commercial solar – to maximise your savings by further reducing your energy costs.

Spray Foam


Does your home have difficulty staying warm or cool? And do your energy bills never decline, in spite of having a perfectly functional air conditioner or heater? The lack of insulation in your property might be the real culprit. Without a layer of insulation that protects your walls, you’re losing comfort, energy, and money. That’s where we – REST – come in. Our injection foam offers tremendous benefits by creating a solid barrier between your home and the outside environment – a barrier that isn’t just extremely efficient but packed with a ton of other benefits. If you have more questions about our spray foam insulation cost and home & commercial insulation in Nationwide, hit us up!

Electric Vehicle


REST offers EV charger installations, supporting the increasing EV market with their EV charging points in the UK, consistently earning top consumer scores. REST allows you to charge your car at home. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to plug in, start charging, and take the next few minutes to relax, shop, or eat.

About Rest UK

REST is a leading independent renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom. Specialising in various technologies, Rest aims to revolutionise the renewable energy industry by providing affordable and accessible low carbon energy for all.

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