Solar Panel Installation in Canterbury

REST is an exceptional renewable energy company providing full project management, and solar panels offering its services in Canterbury. Our technical design team is composed of experienced renewable energy professionals who firmly believe that every renewable energy project should be treated as bespoke to deliver optimal performance.

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We work across an array of technologies, and never try to sell one specific solution to a customer. This means we’ll source and design systems that are customised to best suit the customer’s requirements and the project. We’re tech-savvy individuals who’ve worked at the board level for a number of customers, delivering some of the most unique renewable energy projects in the UK.
At REST – one of the best solar panel installation companies in Canterbury – we simplify your choices and recommend which solar panel technology is the most appropriate for your home/business. We have the experience with most of the solar panel technologies on the market and have found each is perfect in its own niche. We can do as little or as much you want, from a free initial consultation with an estimate to all-inclusive system design and project delivery. We’re led by our loyal customers and try to recommend what’s required to accomplish the most economically sensible and energy-efficient option.
We’ve been working in the industry for quite some time now. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, please contact us. Chances are we can point you in the right direction and can offer other assistance, as well. Our specialty lies in hybrid systems that amplify returns and increase efficiency. We also combine all our systems with the highest quality solar batteries and smart energy extras.

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Residential Solar

Panel System

As a full-service residential solar panels provider in Canterbury, REST will offer expert analysis on how to get the most out of your solar investment. We’ll design and install the best residential solar panel systems to meet the individual needs of our customers, maximise value, and guide them on the solar incentive programs and rebates available. As part of the services we offer in Canterbury, REST also helps complete the required paperwork and design related to the residential solar panel installation if required.

Commercial Solar

Panel System

By turning to REST, as the number 1 renewable energy services provider in Canterbury you’ll get the smartest commercial solar panels solution, tailored to your individual needs. With years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we are able to answer questions and assist in simplifying the process of going solar through the best commercial solar panel installation – for schools, businesses, and public organisations alike.

Commercial Solar Air

Source Heat Pumps

Among our services here, REST is one of the leading providers of the best air source heat pumps in Canterbury. We’re a high technology, an innovative enterprise with our own air source heat pump installations, top brands such as LG and Mitsubishi Heat pumps and after-service team. Plus, besides standard products, we also research and develop a huge range of tailored products to meet our customers’ requirements. You may also be eligible for a government air source heat pump grant or the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). We hope our air source heat pumps help establish a green, energy-saving, and comfortable lifestyle for you.

Solar Battery

Storage Installation

Increasing your savings and manage your energy usage by letting us perform a solar battery storage installation in Canterbury as part of your complete solar solution from REST. Our services in Canterbury include a storage battery alongside you Solar PV panels which works independently and can also grid trade with smart AI capabilities. This is also possible with commercial solar – to maximise your business savings by further reducing your energy costs and earn from grid trading through our preferred suppliers.

Spray Foam


Does your home have difficulty staying warm or cool? And do your energy bills never decline, in spite of having a perfectly functional air conditioner or heater? The real culprit might be the lack of insulation in your property. Without a layer of insulation that protects your walls or your roof, you’re losing comfort, energy, and money. That’s where we – the foam insulation experts in Canterbury – come in. Our injection foam offers tremendous benefits by creating a solid barrier between your home and the outside environment – a barrier that isn’t just extremely efficient but packed with a ton of other benefits. If you have more questions about our spray foam insulation cost or on home and commercial insulation in Canterbury, contact us today!

Electric Vehicle


REST offers complete EV charger installations, supporting the increasing EV market with their EV charging points in the UK, consistently earning top consumer scores. We help with installations in Canterbury, REST allows you to charge your car at home even using the sun through our Solar ready smart chargers. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to plug in, start charging, and reduce your fuel costs! Our REST EV chargers are Solar assisted and have the smartest capabilities possible to ensure that you can maximise on free electricity to charge your car and also grid trade when possible with half hourly energy rates to get the cheapest energy possible to charge. We recommend you Plug into the Sun with our REST EV Chargers!

About Rest UK

REST is a leading independent renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom. Specialising in various technologies, Rest aims to revolutionise the renewable energy industry by providing affordable and accessible low carbon energy for all.

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