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Safety First

Our installation team are dedicated to providing a professional service. They are fully qualified and trained to install solar panels systems and more. Where necessary scaffolding will be erected to provide a safe environment for both our workers and the consumer. We are governed by accrediting bodies and our team will highly regulated to ensure each part of the installation is completed safely and correctly.

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Are you availble to take footage of your home installation? We'd love to see our team in action. Not sure you have the skill set? Why not send us a video testimoninal. Tell our potential customers how happy you are with the service, installation and savings you are making. Help our cause to make the world a greener place!

We are incentivising customers who can give us a helping hand. If you want to be a part of our marketing materials to help homeowners move towards a greener future, give us a call today!

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What time will the installers come to my property?

Our head office team will liaise with you discuss a date and time that best suits you. Should you wish to re-arrange your renewable energy installation, please give us as much notice as you possibly can.

Do I need to be at the property while they are installing my system?

We would need someone at the property to let our team in the home to begin working. Though if you need to head out then that is up to your discretion, we understand certain situations may arise where it cannot be helped. To reassure yourself that the home is not left unattended, having two people at the property may be a better option.

Will I have to have scaffolding?

This is something that will be discussed prior to installation. Our team will decide on the best solution suited to your home.

If scaffolding is required, how long will it be at my property?

We aim to erect the scaffolding a few days prior to installation and then remove it a couple of days after. Always making sure your property is left to the standard it was before we arrived.

How long does the install take to complete?

As each system is bespoke, we cannot give a definitive time for completion, again, this is something you should expect to know prior to install.

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