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We offer free no-obligation home energy assessments. This is to provide homeowners across the UK with a throrough estimation on the solar panel system benefits. Each assessment is bespoke, this is due to the home energy usage, roof space and many more factors which may impact the amount of solar required for a home installation.

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We understand the complexity of new technology and the information we have to offer. We believe the system savings speak for themselves, which is why we offer FREE energy assessments, once homeowners begin to understand the benefits of solar energy and what we have to offer then it tends to become a no-brainer once we have provide our quotation. Solar is the future of today, so join the revolution and let us help you make huge savings on your energy bill.

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Why do you need to visit my home?

In order to properly determine the best system for you and your home, we believe (through years of experience) that details are best explained in person. It is easier for the consumer to visually and mentally understand how they will benefit from a solar panel system. It also allows for a clear indication of where the solar panels will go, as our expert is on hand to guide you through this journey face to face and is able to survey your home correctly.

That being said, currently we are offering online Zoom calls due to the COVID-19 restrictions for anyone who feels unsafe or is vulnerable but would like to receive this information.

What do you need from my energy bill?

We MUST be able to see your annual estimated consumption and price per unit as opposed to just your monthly spend. This way we can accurately determine your earnings and savings from a renewable energy source, without this we cannot validate your system before installation.

Who needs to attend the meeting?

All decision makers of the property. Due to finance regulations we MUST HAVE everyone attend who is going to decide on any changes that may affect the home. If all partners are not present then unfortunately the meeting will not take place and have to be re-arranged at a time most convenient to you both/all.

My partner isn't going to be available, can I still attend?

Unfortunately your free home energy assessment will need to be rebooked. We are under strict regulations to make sure all details are given to all decision makers to prevent mis-selling.

How long does the meeting usually take?

Roughly 1-2 hours. If all the necessary information is provided to us before the meeting then we may be able to speed up the process by calculating estimates prior to your visit. If you would like to continue with an installation then we will need to write up a contract and process your information, so it is best you allow yourself as much time as possible to attend this energy assessment with us.

How much does a solar panel system cost?

Solar Panel systems, as with many renewable energy products, are subject to requirements. The more energy you use the more panels and batteries are needed to offset the homes electricity costs. If you use a small amount of energy and are away most of the day then less panels are needed to cover your usage. Each system is bespoke and it is one of the main reasons we ask consumers to allow for these home visits, so everything can be explained as clear and precisely as possible.

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