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Slide Welcome to our company Why buy electricity from others when you can conveniently generate it using commercial solar panels on an empty roof space? Is it time to consider a solution to combat rising energy prices and take control of your energy costs, if not cut them out for life? Why not become more sustainable with the help of solar suppliers while improving the EPC and well-being of your business and addressing your corporate social responsibility.

Your roof will become an asset, if used correctly. Why leave all that dead space when you could have solar panels in place supporting your business’s energy use. Trust us for letting that light shine through your life for we are the solar panel suppliers who will go leaps and bounds for your satisfaction.
Do you think it is time for you to consider the solar way of doing things and make a change now to save up for the future? Then get in touch with one of our consultants delineating solar panels for businesses cost, while discussing options that may suit your needs.

We offer a wide range of industrial solar panels and services for our commercial partners and make sure they are looked after the REST of the way into the future of their business.

Get smarter by switching to commercial solar solutions with REST among the most reputable, reliant, and experienced renewable solar panel suppliers UK. Talk to our solar energy adviser for further discussions about your needs.
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Slide Services Our SERVICES Services to help reduce your energy costs and become more eco friendly by reducing your carbon emissions. Large Scale Projects Commercial Solar For Large Scale Projects Battery Storage Commercial Storage & Grid Aggregation Voltage Optimisation Commercial VO For Your Energy Usage EV Charging Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Infrared Heating Smart Controlled Commecial Heating air source heat pumps Air Source Heat Pumps Commercial Renewable Heating Solution

Slide Power Purchase Agreement PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) gives you a free, fully maintained solar PV system. The solar is installed on your roof for 20 to 40 years, allowing you to purchase electricity at a price that is up to 50% cheaper than your current energy supplier.

When you consider solar for your business, the costs of purchasing a system outright will often give you the best returns, though raising the funds for the initial outlay can be a concern.

A PPA means your system is provided and installed at zero cost to you. Any generated electricity that you use is then purchased at a pre-agreed cost from the financing partner. This will be lower than your current electricity provider, meaning you save money on your electricity costs.
zero cost As mentioned, there are no costs to yourself other than the purchase of electricity you generate every month. Prices we charge will never exceed what you pay from the grid. This allows you to save money on your energy bills and protected from rising electricity prices. no maintenance Also, there is no responsibility from you for the operation of the system. The maintenance and costs are associated with REST and all costs are covered by us. long term savings If you look longer term, the PPA contract can be transferred if the building is sold. New owners will continue to benefit from cheaper electricity and reduced bills.

Slide New Builds PROJECT LAYOUT Integrated Roof PV Tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in simulated hurricane conditions the system provides weather protection even greater than the traditional materials it replaces. MCS accredited the system meets the requirements for the forthcoming SEG payments. The system also has internal drainage channels designed primarily to remove any condensation but also provide an excellent back up to the weatherproof EPDM gasketing used to seal the panels. This system can be used for straightforward recessed in-roof arrays, full width roof systems or the more complex designs. Developer The simplicity of the system provides a secure and straightforward PV array to replace the tiles for that area of the roof. The roof simply needs battening ready for tiling at which point the array can be added before the tiles are installed. This quick to install system seals the roof and therefore saves the cost at the tiles it replaces. This approach means it can be sold by the developer as an added value upgrade to their customer when selling of plans. 3D Models We create a 3D model of your development from the plans that you provide us, ensuring everything is exactly to scale. We do this so we can guarantee that we can install the amount of panels we say we can and so that you can see where the panels will fit and how they will look, as well as being compliant with MCS satisfying your SAP requirements. Slide

Slide We were astonished by the amount of innovation that REST has incorporated in our business we now generate all our electricity, helping us sleep better because we know we’re doing our bit for the environment and the best thing was that it was so easy to do. Additionally, we highly recommend REST as the best solar panel suppliers in town! Steven Hammet Company CEO Slide From the first meeting with the REST rep to the completion of the installation the company were there for you every step of the way. Delighted with the solar panel system Eunice Ward ADMINISTRATOR what our clients say Client testimonials

Slide Contact Get in Touch With Us We work closely with you to understand your goals and then develop your entire renewable project based on your requirements. Deliver today and bring lasting value to your business. How to find us REST
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