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Who are Growatt?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Who are Growatt?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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A Battery Manufacturer Like No Other

Growatt New Energy was established in 2010, they are a worldwide leader in solar battery storage and inverter technology and have helped push the boundaries of solar technology. With over half a million Growatt units installed, Growatt are one of the fastest growing solar companies out there, and the number one solar supplier for Australia, who are now expanding in to Europe and the USA.

Ark LV Series Modular Battery

The modular ARK series from Growatt allows flexibility and scalability, so it can grow with your household needs. With capacity reaching up to 23kw, it’s a perfect option if you know you’re energy usage is likely to increase in the future with a simple and easy “plug and play” approach to expand as needed. Safe and efficient cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate cells will see to your energy storage needs, with a Depth of Discharge of 90% and a cycle life of over 6,000, the ARK series is the flexible, scalable, modular option designed to work around you.

The GBLI – A More Traditional Option

Available in both 3.3kw and 6.5kw capacities, Growatt’s GBLI range offers a more traditional storage option. Warrantied for 10 years, the GBLI range is great if you know you’re energy usage is going to be fairly consistent in the long term. With a Depth of Discharge up to 94.5%, the high density, high efficiency Lithium Iron Phosphate GBLI will offer long term customer satisfaction with a cycle life of over 6,000

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REST and Growatt

Here at REST we only work with the best brands, and Growatt has proven that they are a world leader in solar technologies. With constant innovation and advancement in the field, Growatt are one of the best solar technology companies in the world, and REST are proud to be partnered with them and able to offer a wide range of Growatt options.

With installations across Europe, America and Australia, Growatt have proven they are one of the best in the solar business, and we at REST are proud to work in partnership with them, deploying their world-leading technology across the country, helping lower the UK’s fossil fuel dependency and saving our customers money on extortionate energy bill prices

Our mission at REST is to help people all across the country gain energy independence, lower their bills and help households lower their carbon footprint with world leading solar technologies and top tier customer service.

If you’d like to find out more about Growatt, and whether solar power will work for you, please get in touch with us on 03330 129 034 or our contact page.