Puredrive’s Purestorage II Battery System

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Puredrive’s Purestorage II Battery System

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Puredrive is a British company with over a decade of expertise and experience in the design, development and installation of energy storage technology, including lead acid and lithium-ion. All Puredrive batteries are manufactured in the UK, ensuring a simple and efficient delivery process across the UK for it’s customers, but also have a strong presence in the overseas energy market, as well.

Purestorage II AC Battery Storage System

The Purestorage II AC battery storage system is a fully integrated AC battery system for residential use. It’s a British product and uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate battery cells. It provides energy storage for your home and includes a time based control system. Its elegant design and simple connection to the home enables the home owner to monitor remotely, and realise the benefits of reduced bill costs and clean green power. The system can also be connected to the internet to allow for control and monitoring of your system using the monitoring app or website from anywhere in the world.

Capacities To Fit Your Needs

Available in both 5kw and 10kw capacities and with the ability to have multiple installed, the Purestorage II AC battery system is able to cater to you no matter how much energy you might need to use through night and day.

No More Outage Worries

Unlike many solar battery solutions, the Purestorage II AC battery storage system will automatically isolate itself from the grid to continue to provide power to your home during a power cut, this happens in about 20 milliseconds, so most electrical devices will stay operational through the power cut and switch to battery power.

An Elegant Design

The Puredrive battery systems all have an elegant, sleek and minimalist design to them, and wouldn’t look out of place in any room of the house but for those who don’t want a battery system in any room, weatherproof enclosures are available to allow for outdoor installations, as well.

REST & Puredrive Partnership

REST and Puredrive are working in partnership to bring these cutting-edge battery systems to homes across Britain, with a simple mission: To empower homeowners to become independent, reduce their grid reliance, and have control over their home power supply.

Make power cuts a thing of the past! Contact REST for your free assessment for solar paired with the sleek, smart, powerful and elegant Purestorage II now

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