Improve Your Energy Systems in This Time of Uncertainty

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Improve Your Energy Systems in This Time of Uncertainty

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Schools, shops, offices, and other premises across the UK are partially opening, but many remain closed since the lockdown. In this challenging time, many firms are looking to save some bucks. This could be the ideal opportunity to look at improvements to the energy use of your company, investing in efficient technology to mitigate your energy costs in the long term.

Here are some things REST can assist you with to make your energy usage cost-effective and greener.

LED Lighting Upgrades

This is a no brainer, especially when the budget is tight. Cut your energy bills with an upgrade of LED lighting. With this upgrade, the greatest savings come when your lighting operates for many hours, for instance, in car parks and warehouses.

Solar PV to Generate Renewable Energy

If there is, one thing that this pandemic has reinforced is the need to be resilient as an organisation to deal with any future periods of uncertainty. As electricity prices rise, there is real value in becoming more independent. By installing solar PV now, you will be prepared to reap the benefits of producing free daytime electricity and earning from the SEG Smart Export Guarantee when your workplace opens again and taking advantage of making your business more green!

Batteries to Reduce Peak Usage

Often, businesses pay charges for utilizing energy during peak times. By ‘time-shifting’ your storage, on-site energy storage can assist you in alleviating these costs: charging up when prices and demand are low, and then discharging when they are high.

If you couple them with solar PV, commercial batteries will store any excess solar power you produce to utilize when the sun goes in, further cutting your electricity bills and reducing you reliance on the grid.

Minimal Disruption

Currently, if your premises are empty with staff working from home or furloughed, it is a rare chance to carry out building works without any disruption to your customers or employees.

Under government regulations, the construction continues. Therefore, our installation teams can install batteries or commercial solar panels in the UK safely and efficiently while your building is unoccupied.

Health and Safety

At REST, health and safety remains at the forefront of how we do our business and will continue to be so throughout the coronavirus crisis. To keep you and others safe and protected, our installers follow public health guidance and wear full PPE alongside social distancing measures.

Find Out More

For additional details on any of our energy-saving offerings for commercial premises, or to discuss your project, give us a call at 0333 012 9034 or go on our website www.rest-uk.com

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