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Used vs new solar panels; which one should I go for?

By June 29, 2020April 5th, 20211,441 Comments

Used vs new solar panels; which one should I go for?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Used vs new solar panels; which one should I go for?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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While the thought of installing used solar panels may sound fascinating, in truth, the savings may not be as great as you anticipate. This is because older modules lack the high output technology of today. And in numerous cases, they won’t qualify for the many rebates and financial incentives you get with new panels.

If your solar panels fail or aren’t as efficient as marketed, you won’t have the option of falling back to warranty. Considering everything, used solar panels present more problems than they are worth. The following are some reasons why we recommend you to buy new solar panels in the UK.

Used solar panels may be damaged

Often, used solar panels come with some damage, and buyers don’t have any way to verify their working order before purchasing them.

You could easily end up having an unusable or broken solar panel. Perhaps, the used solar modules operate at a mediocre efficiency, generating far less electricity than you were led to believe. In either case, refund isn’t possible.

Solar panels have outdated technology

Even if the used solar panels don’t show any signs of damage, they won’t generate anywhere near the same amount of electricity as new solar panels. The photovoltaic technology is changing continuously, and modules produced even a few years ago are less efficient and outdated. Over time, you’ll save more money if you go for a new home solar system instead of installing used solar modules.

New solar panels come with warranties

No warranty coverage comes with used solar panels. If they produce little to no electricity, you can’t file a claim, nor can you have them replaced or repaired.

However, during the installation of a new home solar system, your photovoltaic components will have full warranties of the manufacturer. While equipment failure and low energy output are rare with new, high-quality solar panels, you’ll still be protected if a problem occurs.

How to get the best price for new solar panels?

Similar to other major purchases, shopping around is essential to getting the best price for new solar modules.

According to industry experts, homeowners should get estimates from a handful of installers. While comparing online reviews and quotes takes time, it’s the only way to ensure you get the best price for an efficient, high-quality home solar system.

When you’re ready to shop, start with REST. As the leading professional solar panels installer throughout the UK, we’re known for exceptional customer service and budget-friendly pricing.

With a professional solar panels installation, pitfalls of installed used solar panels can be avoided. To schedule a no-pressure, free estimate/consultation regarding our cheap solar panels for sale, ring us today!

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