What is Social Energy?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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What is Social Energy?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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What is Social Energy?

Social energy is basically a smart energy trading network for battery storage and solar PV customers. In this network, customers can trade and swap their solar energy with customers on other networks. They can also sell to the National Grid, making use of revolutionary features to maximise savings and earnings. Want to know how to accomplish up to 70% cheaper domestic electricity with social energy? Read on to find out.


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How does Social Energy work?


  1. Swapping energy: The decentralised systems connect battery storage and solar PV wirelessly, with the dynamic grid-trading platform permitting customers to purchase and sell electricity on the wholesale market. Customers may send energy among themselves, reducing reliance on large energy suppliers.
  2. Selling energy to the grid: The National Grid pays solar customers for the electricity they generate, whenever required. The network frequently reacts to changes in the frequency of the grid to find the fastest possible power. Here, domestic systems send it to the grid automatically for just the best prices. It is important for the customers to have a solar energy-approved Duracell domestic battery.
  3. More than one trading opportunity: The social energy hub that is powered by artificial intelligence predicts the patterns of energy usage, understanding the optimum time to send energy to or draw energy from the grid while permitting more than one trading opportunity. The system operates 24-hours in advance. This allows customers to use it to their maximum advantage. More impressively, it makes more than a hundred grand yearly readings, so it is well aware of when to purchase energy, like when demand isn’t matching supply, and when to store energy for selling later.
  4. Minimising waste and balancing usage: The risk of battery storage and renewables has given rise to a demand for similar energy usage, with properties part of social energy able to quickly react to their own requirements of energy. In order to make sure that consumers can utilise their self-generated solar electricity before taking any from the grid, the AI system predicts home energy patterns. This minimises any solar energy wastage.
  5. It’s like playing The London Stock Exchange: Assume you’re playing the London Stock Exchange, except that everything is automated, with energy being traded with not just the National Grid but with all other social energy


Other features of social energy


  1. The all-in-one app: The all-in-one app offers a complete oversight of trading and selling, energy usage, displaying a live status of every big data touchpoint it gathers as they happen. Besides the savings, the best thing is that once the system is up, you don’t need to put any effort yourself – just kick back, keeping an eye on your energy trading through the app.
  2. An energy community: The grid-trading cloud-based model of social energy is more than just a network where electricity is traded, sold, and bought. It’s an exciting, growing, and first-of-its-kind energy community.
  3. Fully licensed: Social energy was launched in 2018 and is currently licensed by Ofgem. It’s the first Home Energy Trading Solution that fully complies with the dynamic frequency response service of the National Grid.


Save up to 70% on your domestic utilities


Solar energy, now available through REST, puts the power back in your hands. Contact us now, and enjoy your savings!

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