How Does Social Energy Work?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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How Does Social Energy Work?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Solar energy is considered as the cleanest way to generate electricity, and rightly so. Even though the idea of solar power is not new, there is one initiative that is completely going to revolutionise the way solar energy is perceived. This exceptional phenomenon is known as Social Energy, but what is Social Energy?

The notion of Social Energy is essentially based upon the solar power trading network. It is specifically designed for those people who have compatible solar photovoltaic (PV) panels as well as storage batteries. The most interesting fact about this model is that it is a decentralised system for those individuals who want to participate in grid trading.

Customers of social energy get the opportunity to trade and swap solar energy with many other members who are a part of this rapidly expanding network. In order to secure the best prices, you can also sell solar electricity back to your energy provider. It might not be wrong to say that the phenomenon of Social Energy has commercialised domestic electricity that you generate through your solar panels at home.

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Grid Sharing – How Does Social Energy Work?

The whole concept of Social Energy fundamentally revolves around Grid-Sharing. It is a terminology that is coined to describe connected batteries which do not only store energy but could share it within the network. This model decentralises the generation and supply of energy and significantly reduces the reliance on big suppliers. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the energy wastage by making sure that all solar power produced is either sold, stored or used.

With the help of Grid-Sharing, Social Energy enables the generators of solar power to trade energy by employing artificial intelligence. It saves customers up to seventy per cent of their overall utility bills. Following is the comprehensive breakdown of how it works.

Setting up Solar (PV) Photovoltaic Panels and Batteries

The first requirement in order to be a part of the Social Energy network is have a solar panel system installed at your home. Solar panels produce solar energy which is stored in the batteries. Social Energy has partnered with a globally recognised battery brand called Duracell to use its 3.3kw domestic batteries.

Survey and Assessment of Your Home

A thorough home assessment’s conducted to ensure that the solar energy technology you have is fully compatible. During this survey, the usage and energy requirements of your house are also calculated. Social Energy offers diverse packages. This survey helps in finding out which one would be the most appropriate for you.

Getting Connected to the Platform of Grid-Trading

Once your house and solar technology get the green signal, it is connected to the platform of Grid Trading. This process is completed merely in one day. A state of the art grid monitoring device is connected to your storage batteries. It allows the system to send important data to the cloud. This whole system takes around twenty-eight days in order to get fully connected.

Automated AI System Starts Doing Its Work

Once your solar energy setup is connected, the artificial intelligence feature of the system initiates and starts detecting variations in the National Grid. Whenever National Energy demand is high, the members of Social Energy’s network can fulfil its needs.

This system allows customers to purchase and sell solar energy whenever necessary. Artificial intelligence enables the system to react swiftly to the National Grid requirements. It sells electricity at the high possible prices since prices fluctuate after every thirty minutes.

In addition to it, you are not only restricted to selling energy to the National Grid. Through the platform of Grid Trading, you can trade energy with many other members of the Social Energy network as well. The most amazing feature is that all of these things are automated. You can effortlessly monitor and track these activities by using a user-friendly app.

How does Social Energy Work? Batteries Get Charged from the Grid

Another exceptional feature of how Social Energy works is to offer you is the competence of battery to charge directly from the grid whenever wholesale prices of electricity are low. The system stores power in your batteries that can be utilised at any later date. It does entail that you will not be forced to purchase electricity from the grid when the prices are excessively high.

Makes Your Home Future Proof

When you shun major energy companies and solely depend upon renewable, clean energy, it’s beyond any doubt makes your house future proof. This stands especially true when the energy costs incessantly keep on rising. Once Social Energy is fully installed and functional, all you have to do is sit back comfortably and enjoy the seamless, low cost energy.


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Key Facts About How Social Energy Works Summarised

As discussed earlier, Social Energy is an innovative trading platform that allows you to trade domestic solar energy. Following is the summary of some prominent facts related to this advanced home energy service and how social energy works.

  • The automated trading platform of Social Energy makes use of smart Artificial Intelligence technology. It knows the right time to trade and store energy while maximising profit and minimising wastage. This AI based system has a 95% accuracy rate when it comes to anticipating the usage and generation of energy.
  • The platform of Grid Trading offers recurring revenue. You can produce your own solar energy, and sell it to the National Grid and other customers when demand is high, and prices are good. It makes Social Energy a long-term, smart investment which gradually reduces the dependence on key energy suppliers and stops wastage.
  • You get complete control over all Social Energy activities with the help of a smartphone application. Data related to energy trades, exports and usage keep on updated on a regular basis.
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