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What Does a Roof Need to be Ready for Solar Energy

Last edited: 18/02/21

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What Does a Roof Need to be Ready for Solar Energy

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Solar power isn’t suited for all kinds of homes. There are certain characteristics that make a home perfect for solar power, and if your home doesn’t match with these characteristics, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits in full.

Not only should one part of the roof be facing the south or the southwest direction, but you should also make sure that your roof has an angle that ensures optimal exposure to sunlight during the day.

When you prepare your roof for solar panel installation, you make sure that every possible barrier that comes in the way is eradicated. The sun should directly be facing your roof, allowing the panel to generate electricity without a hassle.

Here we mention some of the things you need to do on your roof to make it ready for installing solar energy panels.

Check Weight Suitability


Before you start with the entire project, you need to check the suitability of your roof for accommodating the added weight that can come through the addition of solar panel. Some roofs do not boast of the added feasibility and structure that is required for hosting weight that can be brought through the addition of industrial solar panels.

You can get this inspection done by a professional, as only they can assure you of the structural integrity of the roof. Not everyone can assure you of this structural integrity, which is why you are better suited heading to someone with the relevant experience in the field.

Inspect Damage


Before you go for commercial solar panels in the UK, you would preferably want a certified building contractor or roofing expert to come and check your solar panels for potential repairs or damaged shingles. Any damages in the construction of the roof can come and lead to numerous other problems down the line, which is why it is necessary that you have the problem addressed. If your roof is particularly old, there might be some sign of damages on the top of it.

It is best that you address these damages at the earliest and get the roof addressed while you are at it.

Manage Size and Surroundings


Relevant experts from the field of solar panels suggest that your roof should have an area of at least 200 to 400 square feet, for it to be considered perfect for solar panels. Effective solar array is necessary for generating electricity through the panels. This array can only be achieved, if you manage the size of the roof, and have the right sized roof available.

Additionally, you should also inspect the area around the roof, to find any trees, antennas, satellite dishes or other fittings that could obstruct the view or serve as a hindrance. It is necessary for your roof to have unhindered access to the sun, for it to be considered fit for a solar panel. If the directions of the sun are hindered by any other presence, then your commercial solar panels in the UK won’t work the right way.