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Should I Get Solar Power? Here Are 7 Reasons Why People Delay Installing Solar Panels

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Should I Get Solar Power? Here Are 7 Reasons Why People Delay Installing Solar Panels

Last edited: 18/02/21

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When people don’t seem sure about making a big decision in their lives, they typically cling to procrastination. They think the answer to their decisions will hit them like a blow of inspiration and all the research, pro and con lists that were made, and literature they read will finally make sense.

If you find yourself contemplating that it’s not the right time to switch to solar power, you may have a comparable plan of inaction.

But a lot has shifted in the solar world since you initially heard about how it works to save consumers money every month. Solar is improved and more reasonable than ever before.

So let’s see if any of these public misconceptions about solar power have been holding you back from the money- and energy-saving benefits of solar power.

It’s Too Expensive to Shift to Solar Energy

“97% of U.S citizens overestimate the expenses of solar panels,” according to the World Wildlife Organization.

Do you count yourself in?

Mass production of solar panels abroad has led to reduced overall prices across the board making solar panels cheap. Solar panels have plunged nearly 80% in price since the last decade. And don’t forget that every state provides different incentives, credits, and rebates for switching to renewable solar energy.

And if the upfront expenses of a solar installation are essentially the only reason holding you back from substituting to solar power, you can always go with leasing a residential solar panel. For little or no down payment, you’ll have a solar system fixed on your property so you can begin saving money on your electric bills instantly no big upfront installation expenses to keep you up at night.

Solar Energy Won’t Decrease My Electricity Bills Quite Much

Though most consumers see an ROI on their industrial solar panels investment in 4-6 years, you may be able to reduce your electric bills in half or even exclude them to save a bunch of money in a short span of time.

Since you’re still linked to the power grid, you’re going to be billed for the electricity your home consumes. However, since you’re also generating energy for the electric company, you’re going to be billed for a lot less for the energy you actually consumer form the grid.

The is referred to as net metering. It means the electric company considers the difference between what your solar panels generate and the energy your home uses.

My Home Doesn’t Get Sufficient Sun for Solar Energy

One of the most prevalent myths about solar energy is that you are supposed to live somewhere that’s always sunny for solar panels to work. It’s not the sun’s brightness that solar panels seize it’s their UV radiations.

UV rays reach the earth, whether it’s an Instagram-worthy blue-sky day or rainy day outside. That means your weather doesn’t matter just like the placement of your solar panels.

It’s the strength of the sun’s UV rays on your panel and how many hours your solar panels get to capture those UV radiations that really matters.



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