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Comparing Thermostat Smartness – Climote vs Hive vs Nest vs Netatmo?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Comparing Thermostat Smartness – Climote vs Hive vs Nest vs Netatmo?

Last edited: 18/02/21

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With a bunch of smart thermostats on the market at the moment, having plenty of new features updated every day, the decision to choose one can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ve analyzed and inspected the best of the smart thermostat; namely, Climote, Nest, Hive, and Netatmo. Readout to know which one can be worth your money.


Climote lets you control your heating anytime you like from anywhere you want. It means whatever way your day turns out; you can reset your home heating or switch on your hot water using Android or iPhone app, Climote HUB, online web portal, or a simple SMS text message, so your heating comes on precisely when you need it.

Key advantages of the Climote hub include:

  • It can potentially help energy consumers reduce their fuel bills by up to 20%
  • It’s simple to install and offers easy use
  • There’s no complicated programming or setup
  • No additional wiring necessary
  • It offers you greater control over your home heating and energy costs


Hive by British Gas is one of the numerous popular smart heating products presently available in the UK, designed to help you to slim your heating bills and prevent energy wastage. Hive Active Heating comprises of:

·        A wireless thermostat;
·         An optional Hive Hub that attaches to your home’s broadband router;
·         A receiver reinforced to your central heating boiler so you can switch it on/off;
·         If you have a separate hot water storage tank, you’ll be able to regulate your hot water too.


Hive multizone

Control as many as 3 heating zones around the house.


Set daily hot water/heating schedules, perfect if your requirements are different on a daily basis.


The Hive Active Heating thermostat can identify when you’ve left the property with the heating on and prompt you to turn it off from wherever you are.

Frost protection

Helps to prevent central heating pipes from freezing over in the winter season.


The Nest Learning Thermostat enables a programmer and a heating thermostat in one. It’s the perfect smart thermostat for contemporary homes having busy routines.

Nest works by familiarizing with your energy habits to bring down your energy costs, making sure you don’t waste superfluous ,money or energy. Providing temperature control with precision, it works by learning your energy habits to generate a personalized schedule to heat your home efficiently. And, it keeps on learning too, adjusting to any changes in your energy routine and usage.

  • Enhance the efficiency of your home
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Compatible with condensing and combi boilers, and system and heat-only boilers
  • Use with ground source and air source heat pumps
  • Control your heating via a smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Automatic switch-off – Nest knows not to heat an empty home


Netatmo is the ultimate smart thermostat discussed here, which like the others on the list, enables you to remotely regulate your heating from wherever you are anytime you like.

What does Netatmo do?

The netatmo smart thermostat can be quickly and easily connected to your home wifi and works with your prevailing home heating system (provided that your existing home heating system fulfills certain criteria).

Once fitted, you can control the Netatmo thermostat through your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The manufacturers claim Netatmo can help you cut down on your energy costs upto 37%.

Netatmo features numerous innovative functions, including an auto-adapt function where the device anticipates when it needs to switch on the boiler depending on the surrounding temperature.