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Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Energy Efficiency Awards 2019

Last edited: 18/02/21

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Whether you’re flicking through your TV, scrolling through your social feed or turning up your radio the current climate crisis is everywhere right now. It’s becoming harder for us to ignore the impact we’re having on our precious planet. It is more evident now than ever before that action needs to be taken if our legacy is to live on. The Energy Efficiency Conference and Awards were designed to identify and recognise organisations that are actively looking to make a difference within the energy sector.

Gary Braybrooke founded The Energy Efficiency Awards in 2012, and has since founded The Energy Efficiency Association in 2017. CEO Gary says:

“… the association will give the whole industry a voice – stronger together”.

With over 204 members in just 18 months and multiple regional conferences throughout the year, The Energy Efficiency Association has certainly given the energy industry its voice back. We were lucky enough to be invited to and nominated for three awards at the South East Regional event in May, and proudly sponsored the Greater London Regional Awards a few weeks later.

The conference is a great opportunity for like-minded individuals to get together and discuss hot topics surrounding energy efficiency. The Greater London Conference hosted speakers such as E.ON’s Justine Biggs who works alongside social housing providers to deliver fully funded projects in the South East. Justine has over twenty years in the energy industry and explained the importance of supporting social housing, several of which E.ON are able to fund energy efficiency measures for. Other speakers throughout the conference, which runs from 09:00 – 15:00, include Marcus Fookes of LOGICOR who specialise in revolutionary infrared heating systems and Richard Walsh who is an expert in environment and energy management systems auditing. Justine, Marcus and Richard were all answerable to their fellow colleagues whilst serving on the Q&A panel – and needless to say they were all able to answer some difficult questions.

Once the conference tables are packed away the event unfolds into a fantastic evening of fine dining, awards and networking. We were lucky enough to scoop up three awards at the South East Energy Efficiency Awards and are very honoured to be nominated for four National Awards. Whilst the evening is a glamorous and celebratory affair, it is evident that we are all aware as to the reason our roles within the industry exist. Guest speakers are on hand to inspire and remind us of why we all come together to celebrate our success – energy efficiency is key to the survival of our planet.

This September we are up for another four awards at the National Event. Once we have the pleasure of attending, we will have more to follow for those interested in attending any future events…